Florida Hospital Community Partnerships is a unique department working with businesses and the community to find innovative and creative solutions to wellness:

  • By building customized programs, our “Healthy 100 Pilots” bring wellness to the workplace to help you create a culture of wellness for your employees.
  • We connect companies to Florida Hospital’s campuses, bringing our experts and resources to your front door.
  • Join the employee wellness conversation with Florida Hospital Works on Wellness, our network of key businesses dedicated to making Florida’s employees healthier.
  • Watch and learn at your desk with our web-based cooking show Lunch and Learn LIVE! - demonstrating how to make healthy restaurant-quality meals in 20 minutes.

Healthy 100 Pilots


Creating a Culture of Wellness in Your Workplace.

Let Florida Hospital create a Culture of Wellness in your Workplace. Our team can develop a customized Healthy 100 Pilot that fits your company’s needs and your budget. By providing a vast selection of wellness offerings, we bring Florida Hospital’s resources and experts to you. Here are examples of our wellness offerings for businesses:

Stress Relief/Management

  • Motivational speakers
  • Spa day in your office
  • Chair massages in your office

General Health and Nutrition

  • Lunch & Learn events
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Food coach
  • Grocery shopping for better health
  • Healthy 100 presentation to executives or employees

Move it!

  • Desk Pilates, 30 minute "exercise at your desk" class
  • Sports medicine/rehabilitation speaker
  • Bands Blast, 30 minute stretch bands exercise class
  • Greater Orlando Heart Walk - is your company Fit-Friendly*
    *Fit-Friendly is a registered trademark of the American Heart Association.


  • Executive physical at Florida Hospital Celebration Health
  • Smoking cessation
  • Chronic disease management, i.e., Diabetes


  • Body mass index (BMI) and Inbody analysis
  • Face scan for skin analysis - cancer prevention
  • Baseline biometrics

Employee Benefits:

  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Improved Clinical Outcomes
  • Improved Morale and Outlook

Employer Benefits:

  • Improved Productivity and Wellness
  • Reduced Absenteeism and Illness
  • Economic Gain - ROI

What Our Pilots Are Saying...


Our wellness program was started to help our employee’s live healthier lives and as a bonus, we have seen a real change in the synergy within our office."

Lenita Wright, VP Bowen, Miclette & Britt

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, sales for February will be the highest since October 2008..."

Doug Worswick, CEO, Certified Slings

I’m quite confident that it saved my life. I feel like I’m on track and motivated. This is a program I’ll be able to sustain for the rest of my life.”

Debbie Burke, Certified Slings

By creating an environment that promotes a healthy workforce we also create a workforce that is more productive. That’s a winning situation for our employees as well as our company.”

Robert Finfrock, President, Finfrock

Our goal is to have healthy and productive employees. How can you afford not to do this"

JoAnn Newman, CEO, Orlando Science Center

I applaud Florida Hospital for its quantum leap efforts to create a culture of wellness throughout the city of Orlando. The Healthy 100 Program has instilled an awareness of the importance of taking care of the mind, body and spirit throughout the Park Maitland campus. The efforts that Florida Hospital has made to engage our students and faculty in Healthy 100 initiatives is nothing short of amazing and sets an example for Hospitals across the nation!”

Cindy Moon, Head of The Park Maitland School

Florida Hospital Works on Wellness


Established in 2011, Florida Hospital Works on Wellness is a network of key businesses dedicated to making Florida’s employees healthier. This group of wellness and human resource professionals believe that workplace wellness is not an initiative - it’s a long term commitment to the health of your employees.

Wellness and prevention education decreases absenteeism, decreases healthcare costs and, most important, fosters happier, more productive employees. For employees with busy work and personal schedules, the ability to obtain information and health screenings at work is convenient. And the workplace is a key location for providing education and opportunities to promote wellness.

Although we know you’ll love networking with professionals from some of the top employers in Florida, our group is not a leads-generating sales forum for new business. Rather, our members tell us it’s a safe place to develop ideas and create new and innovative programs to make the most of your company’s wellness program. So, eligibility to join our group is simple: if you’re already leading your team or you’re about to start a wellness program, you’re invited to join the conversation on workplace wellness by filling out a member form.

Representing more than 150,000 employees in Florida, we’re here to help you through the wellness maze, to listen and share information, or to simply connect you with like-minded employers to help you enhance your wellness offerings. If you’re new to employee wellness, join our group and let’s get started!

Benefits to members:

  • Gain invaluable insight on workplace wellness from other influential workplace leaders
  • Share/provide incentives to enhance your wellness program
  • Assistance with American Heart Association "Fit Friendly" application status (i.e., exercise programs, walking paths, nutritional advice, etc.)
  • Be the first to receive Insider health and/or event information
  • Gain recognition and share partnership opportunities
  • Access to Florida Hospital Works on Wellness "Toolkit" which includes templates and tools to start or enhance your company's employee wellness program

Click here to fill out a Member Form.

Lunch and Learn LIVE!


Whether you’re stuck at your desk for lunch or just looking for healthy versions of restaurant-quality meals, cook your way to a Healthy 100 with Lunch and Learn LIVE!

This online cooking show is streamed live to your computer once a month. So grab your co-workers in a room to watch local chefs teach you how to improve your meals in a healthy way.

Watch the most recent episodes of Lunch and Learn LIVE now.

pilot-Healthy Workplace Recognition

Workplace Wellness Recognition

Florida Hospital is proud to have been named the Healthiest Employers in Central Florida (5000+ employees) by the Orlando Business Journal since 2011! The hospital was highlighted for its commitment to employee wellness and the opportunities given to the staff. “If employee wellness programs were an election, Florida Hospital would be the landslide winner,” the OBJ wrote, referring to the recently launched Healthy 100 Employees program.

Healthy 100 Workplace Wellness Award

Workplace Wellness Award Winners

Through the Healthy 100 movement, Florida Hospital wants to celebrate employers that create a culture of wellness in the workplace. That’s why we’ve created the Healthy 100 Workplace Wellness Award!

On November 5th, Florida Hospital proudly awarded 101 companies for their achievements in workplace wellness. Click here for the list of current Healthy 100 Workplace Wellness Award recipients.

No matter the size of your business, school or worksite, we want to recognize and reward you for being part of the solution. Championing the health of your employees or workers with programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle translates into increased morale, reduced absenteeism, increased employee productivity and an increase in the bottom line.

If you have 10 or more employees and you're already providing them with wellness programs, apply now!

Also, if you're a Florida Hospital Healthy 100 Pilot or an American Heart Associate Fit-Friendly worksite, be sure to fill out an application because you may already qualify!

Once you are designated as a Healthy 100 Workplace Wellness Award recipient, you receive:

Workplace Wellness Medals
  1. Official recognition letter sent by our Chief People Officer
  2. Award for display at the workplace
  3. Local-level recognition by Florida Hospital at events and in marketing materials supporting the Healthy 100 program
  4. Company listed on Florida Hospital’s Healthy 100 website
  5. Employee enrollment (requires employee email addresses) as a H100 member that entitles them to:
    • H100 Nutrition News - every month
    • H100 E-News - every month
    • H100 Deals – every month (requires employee addresses)
    • Healthy Tips – twice each month

Click here to fill out an application.

We encourage all of the companies we work with to seek external recognition for their wellness efforts. As a long-time partner of the American Heart Association, we encourage companies doing worksite wellness programs to apply for the AHA's Fit Friendly award. This award recognizes companies who are helping their employees live healther, more active lives. Studies show that employees wellness programs now only help prevent factors for conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, they ultimately help lower healthcare costs. Find out more about becoming a Fit Friendly Company.

Florida Hospital Connection

Pilot Healthy Florida Hospital Connection

The Florida Hospital Connection is a periodic news update for the Central Florida business community and government leaders. It is comprised of print and video stories about how Florida Hospital is interacting with the community

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