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For Stress Relief, Look Outdoors

For Stress Relief, Look Outdoors

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The wonders of nature can greatly alleviate daily stress.  Nature was designed this way by a loving Creator. 

This truth is illustrated by the two primary colors of nature: the blue sky and green vegetation.  There is scientific evidence that green and blue are not only soothing and relaxing but are associated with lower levels of anxiety.7  

Blue is associated with the "secure/comfortable"' and the "tender/soothing," which simply pleasure and low arousal.8   It also slows the pulse rate and lowers body temperature.

A Symphony Of Sound; God As Conductor

A day spent in nature is a day surrounded by sound.  The playful rustle of wind dancing through trees.  The soothing coos of a morning dove.  The ceaseless rhythm of the ocean.  The enchanting chirp of crickets on a summer's eve.  Swirling water tumbling over itself in a lively brook.  The peaceful patter of rain on leafy trees.  Thunder rumbling across the sky.  Nature is a veritable symphony of sound, and God is its Conductor.

Opening our windows and letting in the sounds of nature is restful and relieves stress.  Some people enjoy CDs of nature sounds, or the sounds of falling water from a tabletop fountain. 

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