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Recharge with Recreation

Recharge with Recreation

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A great way to get energized is through recreation.  The dictionary defines recreation as "refreshment of one's mind or body after labor through activity or play." Think of it as re-creation or the process of being re-energized. 

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities, such as bird watching, sailing, hiking, rock climbing, sports and so on, offer the healing benefits of sunshine, fresh air and exercise.


Hobbies are also a healthy form of recreation.  Creative hobbies include arts and crafts, painting, drawing, cooking, music and photography; or start a collection of artwork, butterflies, autographs or fossils.  


Socializing and connecting with others is another way to spend your leisure time.  Friendships benefit your mind, body and soul in many ways. 

Other Energizing Ideas

Other re-creational hobbies might include reading, gardening or animal-related hobbies like beekeeping, dog breading, training horses and many more.  The list is endless, but the point is finding a hobby you enjoy and spend time doing it.

Take care to choose the kinds of recreation that are refreshing to you so you're re-energized and better able to meet life's challenges.

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